What is Racial Equity?

Racial equity exists when all people have access to the opportunities available and outcomes are not predictable by race. Disparities by race dominate the landscape of opportunities, from education to housing to employment. Yet communities are not truly successful when entire racial or ethnic groups are not sharing in that success.

As we come to agree as communities that disparities hurt all of us—by weakening our economic, social, and cultural web—then we can also come together to break down barriers to racial equity. Closing the current gaps requires intentional policy making that examines the racial equity impact of proposed change.

When policymakers wear a racial equity lens, every decision point is an opportunity to prevent further disparities and advance equity.

from the | 2013–2014 LEGISLATIVE REPORT CARD ON RACIAL EQUITY, p. 8, http://voicesforracialjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/ReportCard-2013-14-final-web.pdf