Attend our Tables

The primary purpose of the Action Table is to build relationships around the table and in the community. It’s critical that the people who experience barriers to opportunity must be at “The Table.” The members of the Action Table are challenged to create and follow a strategic plan

Action Table Members Action Table Members are able to develop their community organizing skills:
• Understand the concepts of race, racism and privilege
• Become educated about racism, systemic and the mythology of race
• Facilitate stories old and new, your own and others’
• Participate in grassroots efforts to build a coalition for equity
• Provide strategic opportunities to address racism within our community
Tools for the Action Table:
Statistics and data that provide information about disparities and social indicators
• Survey tools, pre- and post-questionnaires (regarding attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, solutions)
Testimonials and stories
Dialogue: A Tool for Uncovering Racism
One to One Visit
Hierarchy Exercise
How to Build a Power Analysis
Being an Organizer and Being an Activist is Not the Same Thing